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Sound by "Sam"


Original Music

Collection of lonesome made "music" called Release put out as "Sam".

A track made in collaboration with Kwami Winfield as our duo group Next Bus Pls for an @nycnoise benefit compilation.

Track from an album called What Doth Life? from an audio collage group I am in called BOTTOM TEXT that was put out through Dominican Republic based label El cuarto elástico in April of 2018. BOTTOM TEXT which includes Milly Cohen, Ray Alfonso, Maggie Gault, Misha Lukov, and sometimes more or less. The album was reviewed in the (temporarily) late and great Tiny Mix Tapes.

Track from the a lonesome album I put out as 2uarm on Tall Tapes in April of 2019, it is called Miami Cannibal Attack.

Mixes and Edits (as DJ "Sam")

Short mix for WORKER from mid-2020.

Small collection of remixed music blown out of proportion called Selected Clipping Worksreleased through Copyright 420 in late 2020.

Documentation from performances.


Two videos from early 2020 Florida by Andrew Chadwick: one (left) in early February at [REDACTED] in Miami and the other (left) at the Civic Media Center in Gainseville, Florida in January.

four people dressed in flannels and vests and beanies performing with various musical devices around a white folding table. _____ a person laying horizontaly on a green suitcase that is slightly open letting out a single human leg

performing in duolingo (covering Wolf Eyes) at the Windjammer on Halloween 2019 / shot by Chloe Carrasco (left) performing in 2uarm full band with Gladys Harlow, Erinn Buhyoff, and Alex Capraro at a residential warehouse on Moffatt in Ridgewood Queens in 2019 / I think this was shot by Walter Wlodarczyk (right)

close-up side profile of a person operating an audio mixer and microphone _____ two individuals operating electronic music hardware and a laptop at a table with a long black table cloth in front of a small group of watchers.

performing in 4uarm for Noise Brunch 3 by Center for Psychic Technology at h0l0 on June 23rd, 2019 / (left) shot by @auniqueting, (right) shot from social media.