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Radio with DJ Sham

Radio Shows

89.1fm new york tri-state area +

Fall 2019 - Current

Insightful Media [Mondays from 10:30pm - 11:30pm]

Contemporary memetically informed music for the hypermodernist zoomer (maximalist music, glitch, generative audio, vaporwave, nightcore, computational compositions, sound music, cloud rap, found audio, mashups, etc.)

Select archives: DJCHAD, Goddess Complex, media_riins takeover (starts about 3 mins in), Carrie Ford (starts about 7 mins 30 secs in), The 83rd, Parasite (RL + CDY)


Summer 2019

Bentwave (regular co-host with dj badgalansari)

experimental dance electronica (legacy show)

Select archives: 06/13/2019


Summer 2018 - Current-ish

The New Afternoon Show (occasional substitute host)

Variety new sound (legacy show)

Select archives: 07/05/2019, Axine M. of Embalming Lately, bb (Iceland) + un ashley (Montreal)


Spring 2019

Morir SoƱando

Bro-free bachata y merengue

Select archives: 01/30/2019


Summer 2018 - Fall 2018

Consumer Electronics (

Electronica concerned with the tools of its own creation.

Guests: Stud1nt, FOOD CORPS, Devin Brahja Waldman.


Spring 2018

Pata Sucia (

a show dedicated to femme and queer made Miami Booty Bass influenced music

Guests: Period Bomb

Here are some pics of guests and myself at the station.

three people embracing each other and smiling in front of a wall of polaroid photographs. _____ a single person in sunglass and an orange shirt that reads KDJ Records, smirking in front of a wall of polaroid photographs.

side profile of a person in a black tee shirt and sunglasses operating a DJ mixer in a dim room filled with wall posters. _____ two smiling people standing in front of a wall of polaroid photographs, one is in a striped polo shirt holding up a peace sign and another is in a beige mock turtle neck sweater